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From: mark (max) grant [mailto:maxatssa@***.net.au]
Sent: Thursday, 30 December 2004 12:28 PM
Subject: Asu, Sumatra


Thank you again to everyone that has been in touch with prayers, offers of help and donations for the people of Asu and Nias.

It has touched us so much that you are so willing to help these people. Fortunately things are not as bad as we initially thought.
I have spoken by Satellite phone today with friends from Sirombu who have returned to the area yesterday. Reports from Hinako, Asu and Bawa islands are that all residents are safe and no lives have been lost.
We are not sure yet of damages, but are more concerned for lives. Sirombu on the mainland has been severely damaged and 8 people are confirmed dead and 2 people missing (which is well down from early reports of 120 people.)
We presume that residents that fled the area were feared dead or missing and have now returned safely.
An Indonesian presidential adviser toured the Hinako Islands yesterday after fears the island chain had been submerged.
But a report in the Jakarta Post today says that “(Silalahi) looked happy to find intact the Hinako, Bawa and Asu Islands of the Sirombu district during an aerial reconnaissance mission." It is also reported that he has distributed Rp 1 Billion (US$11,000) worth of food, medicines and other supplies to the islanders. Stu organised a small charted plane from Medan yesterday full of provisions for the islanders, which arrived safely yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately Stu had a motor bike accident whilst co-ordinating this breaking his arm and suffering some head injuries and is recovering in Medan hospital.We cannot believe how fortunate these people are to come out of this disaster with such little damage.
After seeing the enormity of its damage in areas so close, it truly is a miracle.
We are confident that in the immediate future the people of Nias will be well looked after as supplies are still getting through to them, although as time passes help will be needed in the rebuilding of homes and boats.
We may call on your help at that time.

Right now I think we need to look further north to the Aceh region, to see where we can help immediately.

Max, Kell, Stu, Jamie, Phil, Anthony and Will Sumatran Surf Adventures

From: mohamed muslihu
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 11:30:36 +0500
Subject: news from lohifushi > muttu<
To: jeffsikand@******.com

After 02days of no electricity, no telephone service, we are back to normal today. None of our guest got serious harm (not even staff).

Everybody is fine.I hope I can give some information about of Lohifushi.

From room # 201 to 255 (superior room ) all the rooms are damaged like windows broken, side wall of room broken and so…on.we are better than all the resort coz Lohifushi is one of the biggest resort in Maldives.

And we are going to reopen our resort on January 1st with 80 rooms.And I will mailing you very soon.take care.

I really appreciate for your mail.

We all are in good health NO WORRIES WE ALL ARE FINE.

Could you please visit this link, then you can see some pictures of Lohifushi.


Take care


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From: Abdulla Sobah
Sent: Tuesday, 4 January 2005 3:14 PM
Subject: RE: Sth Maldives 2005.

Dear Shaun,

The KDM airport (Southern atolls) was never closed and no island in Gaafu Dhaal was severely damaged.

Meemu, Dhaal and Thaa was the atoll which were most severely damaged.
Government with the aid of several foreign nations are cleaning these islands and they expect all the islands to be cleaned by the end of this month.
There is no pollution at all and health is also not a big concern here. As you know Maldives is always very clean.I have been travelling to few islands around North Male' atoll and I never came across any debris in the ocean.
It is as much clean as before.
We are very lucky that it will be business as usual for Maldives 2005 surfing season.

Proprietor of Handhu Charters
Radiantheats travel.

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From: Sri Lanka Surf Tours [mailto:surftour@sltnet.lk]
Sent: Sunday, 2 January 2005 2:20 PM
Subject: Re: Is everything OK !

HI,Thank you for chkng wz us!! I was unable to contact you guys because of this bad incident!! But we are safe but we lost some of our properties!! All the Hotels & restaurants, bars has been destroyed!! but we surf guys started a program to clean the area & put up the things sooner.
Arugam Bay also severely affected because of this. So we need to our friends assistance to get our people's life back to normal & start tourism soon.
If any anybody likes to help this program
they can use

Bank Account : Ocean Tide Surf Shop
No, 438 , Galle Road Wewala HIkkaduwa.
Bank : Bank Of Ceylon HIkkaduwa Branch
Bank Account No: 000 289 51

Thank you,Sumi.

http://www.mentawai.com/aceh.html からの情報:


Dear readers,

I write to you as a concerned Australian living in Padang West Sumatra. Our company runs surf charters off the west coast of Sumatra. This is an urgent appeal for help save the lives of survivors of the Boxing Day quake.The epicentre of the first and largest quake was between the island of Simeulue and the west coast of Aceh. (see the map above) This is a heavily populated coast with 17 larger towns some as large as 35,000. The total population of this SW coastal area may be as many as 1 million but statistics are very hard to find. (total population of Aceh is 4 million). The off shore islands are thought to have a combined population of over 10,000 and they must be totally devastated.GROUND ZEROGiven the proximity of the epicentre and the nature of the coast it is reasonable to assume that the size for the tsunamis will have been much larger than anything that has been described so far. This will have been combined with extreme quake damage. There would have been almost no warning nor time to run for the high ground.Without being alarmist we must face the possibility that there will be more dead and injured in this area than the combined total in all countries so far.The roads are all close to the coast and even if they survived the quake, they will have been destroyed by tsunamis or blocked by debris. There are no airstrips as far as we know and ports will be out of commission.The fastest way to assess the situation is with helicopters if they are available and have the range.The only way to help the injured and survivors is to send large boats that can launch inflatables to land on beaches.Choppers and airdrops are very expensive and they will only be able to reach a tiny fraction of the survivors.The closest functioning port that can be used for airlifted supplies is Teluk Bayur (Padang) about 300nm from the southern end of this major disaster area. The severely impacted coastline is more than 250nm long plus the Banyak Islands and Simuelue Island.We are co-ordinating with the Mayor of Padang to arrange for a 200-ton capacity car ferry to be loaded with aid material, SAR teams and hopefully medical staff. The boat is big enough to be turned into a floating clinic and can shelter several hundred injured or distressed people while alternative transport is being arranged.The boat can be ready to leave on Thursday 30th Dec am and given the time that has elapsed every minute counts.We are hoping that food and medical supplies can be flown to Padang and we are talking to the Australian Embassy now to try to get a C130 aircraft to divert to drop supplies here instead of sending everything to Medan or BandaAceh city.Aus Aid is sending a team to Padang to evaluate hospital capacity and they have funds to charter boats so it is looking like the plan is going to happen.We could be looking at many tens of thousands dead and many more in urgent need of drinking water, food and shelter as there is little chance that any supplies have survived the ferocity of the waves that must have slammed into this coast.Please pass on my contact numbers to any group or individuals who can assist.

ThanksRick Cameron

Padang +628126627884 or +62 751 767888

PT Mentawai Wisata Bahari

ps BBC just reported that an SOS call has been received from Meulaboh and that the survivors are in desperate need of help. No one has been into the area and this is the first communication that anyone has recorded from this coastal area since the quake. Metro News footage shows the tsunamis have travelled over 2km inland obliterating everything in their path in this area.

Padang FM is broadcasting to collect material such as bottled water, rice, matches, cooking ware, tarps, tents, medical supplies and more:

Chris and Chris at Hotel Batan Arau are ready to store material, food and equipment until these can be loaded on boats. Padang residents can drop aid packages at: Hotel Batang Arau, Jl Batang Arau No 33. Phone 27400

For packages sent by mail or courier, please use the following address:

PT Mentawai Wisata Bahari
Jl Kesatria No. 6
Ganting, Padang
West Sumatra


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Briton surfed his way to Maldives safety

27/12/2004 - 18:26:12

The tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean barely noticed the Maldives, tearing through the collection of low-lying atolls ? submerging some of them completely for several minutes ? dragging tourists from their hotel rooms and swimmers out to sea. At least 43 people were confirmed dead and 63 reported missing in the popular tourist destination today, the government said. President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom declared a state of emergency.

Tourists described three-feet-high walls of water sweeping across their resort islands and into their bedrooms, with powerful currents dragging swimmers out to sea. Mike Rigg, 33, a construction worker from the Wirral near Liverpool, was surfing at the resort of Lohifushi when the tsunami hit.

He said there was a six-feet-high surge in the waves and he was dragged along the edge of a powerful current, though he managed to stay out of the worst of it. Finally he reached an area where he could stand and fought his way to shore. He watched two scuba divers being rescued by a boat after being dragged by a current, and saw another motorboat unable at full power to make any headway against a violent surge of water rushing past the island.

Nicola Whiteford, 35, a structural engineer from London, said guests at Lohifushi huddled around the bar area, which was the only major part of the island that stayed consistently above water.“The frightening thing was that before each wave, the lagoon emptied itself out and you could see the coral. So we knew another one was coming,” she said.
Ms Whiteford said that for hours after the disaster, survivors didn’t know what had caused the tsunami or what to expect, because radio communications were patchy and power cuts meant television wasn’t working.

Eloisa Cino, a 29-year-old costume designer from Rome, said she was relaxing in her beachfront bungalow on Sunday morning when the tsunami smashed down the wooden door, overturning furniture and scattering her belongings.
“We grabbed what we could and tried to run, but there was nowhere to run,” Cino said tonight as she waited to board a flight back to Italy.The 50 by 300-yard Fun Island, south of the main Maldivian island of Male, was completely covered by water for several minutes before the sea subsided, Cino said.
Some walls of the brick bungalows were demolished, and five of the 100 people on the island were injured, one with a broken leg, she said.

Cari Webber, a 25-year-old student from Miami, had just checked into the Club Med Farukolhufushi and was walking to her room on the first day of a planned week-long holiday when the tsunami hit.

Electric power and plumbing were knocked out, and sewage mixed with seawater ran across the island. Webber fled to an upper storey of a resort building and huddled there wearing a life jacket for hours, fearing further surges. Throughout Sunday night, resort staff patrolled the beaches looking out to sea. The guests were taken off the island by motorboat today. Many tourists said casualties would have been much greater if the wave hadn’t struck in the daytime, when most people were awake and mobile.

Male’s airport reopened today after being closed most of Sunday. A half a dozen charter flights from Europe and India came to take tourists home. Hundreds of tourists packed the airport’s Internet cafe and telephone booths informing families and friends they were safe.Officials said Pakistan has dispatched a ship and helicopters to the Maldives to carry relief items to the islands.

Maldives, a chain of 1,192 coral atolls south-west of India with a permanent population of 278,000, thrives on tourism and attracted more than 600,000 visitors this year.

At the peak year-end holiday season, there are normally around 20,000 foreign tourists in the Maldives, travel agents estimated.

Local agent Mohammed Sunan predicted it would take months for the industry to recover.He said at least four or five of the Maldives’s roughly 80 resorts had been inundated with water, causing extensive damage.

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From: mark (max) grant [mailto:maxatssa@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Friday, 31 December 2004 11:44 AM
Subject: surf aid fundraiser


My brother Brad and I have been madly brainstorming today on ways Sumatran Surf Adventures can fundraise for Tsunami relief, especially in Surf affected areas.
We thought a novel family fun surf day or themed event (eg single or twin fins only dressed as you would in indo - no wetty's)music (looking to try and get a hold Ruddy if available), food, surf celebs etc in Torquay.
I've just spoken to Dr Dave from Surf Aid International and he has given us full endorsement so all money raise will go to his organization.
They have 4 boats leaving Padang on the 10th Feb, with medical supples, personal and other provisions headed for affected areas in North Sumatra. We've set up a meeting with Rip Curl and am trying to get in touch with Quiksilver Marketing(who are closely associated with Surf Aid and Dr Dave has assured me they will support us 100%).
My Father has just approached Justin Maddon (sports Minister) and he has also said he'll see how his department can help us.
We're really wanting to get onto this ASAP as would be great to have something while school holidays are on in Torquay and we can get some big crowds.
We hope Surfing Victoria can get behind us with this and help to co-ordinate an event or even tie in with a pre-existing event.
We have not set a date, but are appealing for support from Torquay businesses and the Surf Industry Australia wide with sposorship for the event.

If yourself or anyone you know can help us in any way with sponsorship, donations or would like to get involved please contact us ASAP.

This disaster has greatly affected so many surfing destinations and so many surfers in our local community have probably travelled to these places, Aceh, Simalue, Nias and it is so important that we as the biggest surfing community in Australia do as much as we can as soon as we can.You can get back to me by email or on 52615534 or 0412 482655 or Brad on 0425 754 680

We look forward to your feedback.
Happy New Year

Kellie Papworth

Sumatran Surf Adventures

Hinakos HIdeaway, ASU

From: jon wilkinson [mailto:freedom_mentawaisurfcharters@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, 31 December 2004 3:22 PM
To: shaun@worldsurfaris.com
Subject: survived

Hi Shaun,

Myself , my girlfriend and Freedom survived the wave on sunday.

I m sorry to have u worried with no reply but , scince sunday evening , we ve just arrived back in Phuket and put freedom on the hard stand after waiting out at sea after warnings of a second wave.

Unfortunately i lost everything at my beach apartment at Kalim, north of Patong.But we r both so lucky to be alive.If we had been asleep we would of died.

On Sunday morning i woke up and at 10.30 drove with my girlfriend to check on my dingy in Patong on the pier.When we were half way up the beach road i saw the sea drain a km out, we panicked and tried driving on the wrong side of the road to find a slip road.The last thing i saw was 1000 s of pepole on the beach just stairing and walking towards the water.

The next thing i saw the wave fill the beach and hit us side on pushing my SUV on another SUV and on top of a TUK TUK.
This saved us.the other 2 cars were not so lucky, i think quicvk moving and thinking saved us.The electric windows seized and luckily the back window smashed open.We both got on the roof during the first wave.

We then jumped a few foot to a building roof wher e we waited during the 2nd wave witha few thais.T
he building shook and we climbed a tree.

The 3rd wave took out the building , we were lucky to of moved.Then the 3 rd wave took out the tree we were on but luckily it fell against other trees and we climbed alarge Palm tree which we stayed up for an hour until we swam to a near building.During the time i saw people swept out all around us and thank God, we survived.

During this yachts washed up along the beach into trees on the road .Nothing happened to Freedom , if it had been a mono hull, i m not sure if it would of been the same.
The only damge was a bent anchor and i lost the dingy.

We managed to get Freedom out of Patong bay and then took out to sea and arrived back in yesterday.

As i m reasl busy i ve got to take off , i just wanted u all to know we are Freedom are fine.have adrink for me on new year as i dont know how we survived, every thing just seemed to work for us at the time .
Life is good.all the best

Jono and Goi.

and the good ship Freedom

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From: Desire Maldives
Friday, 31 December 2004 7:55 PM

Greetings from Desire Maldives Travel & Tours Pvt Ltd

G'day ,

It's really good to hear from you ,and thanks for your concern . we really appreciate that.

Even though Maldives have been considerably hit and affected by the tsunami waves , non of our staff or Gaaviya is effected at all.
Ware very much in operation

Some of the resorts have suspended their operation due to the damaged occurred by the waves- it's the one's with most water bungalows,and most of the resorts are in function normally, and the Airport is also in full operation.

The whole of the Maldives was considerably affected by the waves, and many damages have been done to some of the rural islands.

Male' ( the capital ) have not been affected very much except for a bit of flooding at the water fronts at some points.Every thing is now back to normal, and the situation is very much under control.

There is no inconvenience of any sort that you would notice at any stage in vacating in the Maldives now, especially at the live-aboard sector. Of course in the Resort sector there would be some difficulties at some resorts as some have sustained serious damages to the accommodation and other facilities. please note that it's very fewer resorts that have been damaged at the level.

Keep in touch.

Kind Regards

Irushad Desire Maldives Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Owners and Operators of 'Gaaviya' - Maldives Live aboard Cruise